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Global Garage Door Service Plantation, FL 954-372-3401Global Garage Door Service has been servicing garage doors in Plantation with the most experienced team of garage door technicians available from our national organization of specialists standing by at the ready to help you with your home or business garage door needs. Whether its repair, regular maintenance or installation, our crew is here to ensure your garage doors are functioning in tip top condition. Because our supplier network is so extensive, we are able to offer fantastic prices on garage doors, parts and accessories of the highest quality and superb value. We are available around the clock to help with your garage door problem. Our availability, coupled with our outstanding prices and superior service, makes us the leader in our field and the one you can trust to resolve any issues your garage doors may have.

Ready When Needed

Global Garage Door Service truly understands how important it is for your garage doors to work properly. That's why our specialists work diligently to find the best solution that works for you when you are in need of emergency garage door service or regular maintenance. We are there for you when you need us, delivering superior service to home owners and businesses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Global Garage Door Service stocks a full line of garage door and lift system components manufactured by leaders in the industry, as well as generics, allowing us to provide any type of service desired by our loyal clients. With such a large selection of garage door parts and supplies, we are able to engineer solutions for every type of garage door and for every budget.

Our complete line of garage door components include: mounting brackets, cables, door struts, pulleys, remotes, receivers and monitors. In addition, we carry a full line of specialized parts and fittings for custom garage doors. Thanks to our complete line of parts, your specialist will have your garage door serviced quickly, letting you get back to your routine. Our extensive team of specialists helps us arrive quickly, to repair or replace garage door locks, set doors back on their tracks, or make new keys to keep your garage secure. We never want you to worry about your garage door repairs interfering with your daily living. That's why our team members are standing by 24/7 to assist homeowners and businesses get their garage door problems resolved quickly, keeping your doors and you on track.

Our Services

Although your garage door may seem like a simple thing, it is actually a complex configuration of interactive parts, some of which are under extreme pressure. Because they are a system, parts are prone to wear and tear and may need to be replaced. The service professionals at Global Garage Door Service are experts in their field and are able to discern which parts may need to be replaced. Our team provides services like regular maintenance, repair, new installation, upgrades, sensor automation and more, for both the home and commercial enterprise, including industrial garage doors.

Global Garage Door Service specializes in aftermarket upgrades and custom garage door design and installation, so even the most complex job is simple for us. With a generous assortment of parts and upgrades on hand, our service technicians are able to provide most services on demand. From advanced sensor operated doors that open as a vehicle approaches to programming a new garage door opener, the team at Global Garage Door Service does it all.

The Professional Touch

Unlike other service providers in Plantation, who run on skeleton crews with minimal training and limited availability, Global Garage Door Service will always send a fully qualified team member who will have identification so you can be assured the person who arrives to help secure your garage doors is one of our professionals. You can rest easy knowing that each of our Global Garage Door Service team members will uphold our stringent standards, will be well qualified and will provide superior service, resolving your garage door problems with expertise and efficiency. Each member of our service team is held to the highest standards, ensuring that whoever comes to your home or place of business will perform according to our specifications and provide the best possible service. When you call Global Garage Door Service, we know you expect the best, and that is exactly what we deliver. We have built a reputation for excellence in garage door repair, maintenance and installation and each call we answer cements this reputation in our community.

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